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A SMART TABLE for Your Smart Home from Panasonic at CES 2017

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– Here at Panasonic’s Future Tech Lab, taking a look at the smart table of the future. Check this out. This table can sync with your smart phone. Your text messages will show up right on the table for you to interact with. You can take video calls, and you can even manage and interact with your smart kitchen appliances. Check this out right here. You see living room, bedroom, kitchen. You tap on kitchen and look at that. There’s our fridge, our oven. You have your controls for all of your smart devices in your home. And possibly even more impressive than that, you can heat or cool your beverage right here through the magic of induction. Have you ever been sitting at your table and needed a piece of trivia answered for yourself? Here, you can do that too. Here is an internet search, again, right on the table, embedded into the display itself.

You can even make sure your home is safe and sound by using surveillance. Look at this. What’s this guy doing? He’s up there, he’s eating your mail. At least you don’t have to worry about paying that bill this month. And that was your look at Panasonic’s smart table of the future. (upbeat digital music).

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