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Smart Home Automation System

A SMART TABLE for Your Smart Home from Panasonic at CES 2017

? Here at Panasonic?s Future Tech Lab, taking a look at the smart table of the future. Check this out. This table can sync with your smart phone. Your text messages will show up right on the table for you to interact with. You can take video calls, and you can even manage and interact read more

Home Automation in 2 minutes – All you need in your Smart Home

Welcome to smart home automation systems under two minutes we?re going to be able to show you everything you can automate within your home automation starting with your smart controller you can connect your light switches and dimmers in wall outlet plug in outlet and plug in dinner home automation read more

Complete Guide To The Ultimate Smart Home : Explanation 2017

Hey guys Matt here from and in this video I am going to be giving you the detailed explanation. [Intro] So the point of this video is to tell you exactly in detail how this whole entire system works and how I am going to teach you. So, to start off we are going to talk about what read more

Setting Up The Home Automation Server (OpenHAB 2 + MQTT): Final Installation 2017

Hey guys Matt here from and in this video we are going to be doing a final installation of the home automation server. [Intro] So in this video we are going to be taking the raspberry pi and mounting it on the network wall. First let?s go over the materials we are going to need read more

Home Automation Ideas for your Smart Home

Super cool whoa what a drop oh my gosh this is insane holy cow home automation I actually feel like I?m really there guys hi Cynthia but my friends call me Cindy and we?re here with the home automation channel at Canada blooms at the National Home Show now I?m really excited because read more

Top 3 Smart Home Tech Under $200!

Top 3 Smart Home Tech Under $200! Hey what?s up guys Keaton here so I?ve been pretty big into smart home tech as of late. I?ve picked up some pretty cool stuff so lets get started. So if you guys want to check out any of the products mentioned in this video, I?ll leave links read more