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Epic Smart Home Tech v1.0

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What’s going on everyone this is dom and today we’re talking about smart home tech and security and specifically taking a look at the new ring stick up cam and how to extend the ecosystem connected a ring video doorbell that I covered a while back so be sure to click the link below if you want to check out that video but huge thanks to ring for making this video possible so there are a few key components of this entire ecosystem of course we have the stick up cam which is the star of the show now this camera is super easy to install one hundred percent wire-free packs two-way audio cloud HD video recording motion detection and night vision and it syncs up with the ring app for deeper control but we’ll get into that in a little bit for a more connected experience the ring stick up cam works great in conjunction with the ring video doorbell that provides roughly the same feature set but in a doorbell format which is great because with the stick up cam you can place it outside in another location to keep everything secure if you’re in need of additional doorbell notifications from ring you can also pick up chime which is a Wi-Fi speaker that plugs into the wall hooks into the system and sounds when the ring doorbell is pressed the good news is because of the 5200 milliamp hour battery inside of stick up cam you can easily put this thing just about anywhere and provide a ring of security around your house if you see what I did there it’s the only wire-free security camera on the market and the battery will last just six to 12 months on a single charge depending on your use you can also keep it up and running with rings 12-foot weatherproof cable or even purchase their dedicated solar panel which when connected to the back side of the stick up cam and only a few hours of sunlight each day it’ll keep the cam continuously charged so obviously with this whole setup there’s an app for that now the ring app is basically a hub for everything involved here inside of the app you can set up customized motion settings specify range and zones and even smart alerts which will control the amount of notifications you receive the app is pretty convenient though and super easy to navigate so when the camera sees motion you’ll be notified and have the ability to answer that notification with its two way audio communication and HD video making it pretty simple to speak with the person on the other end now if that’s not enough for you there’s also the ability to use rings Live View feature which does exactly what you’re probably thinking gives you a live view of the camera right then and there of course there are several power options that you can choose from depending on your needs in order to keep the battery consumption to a minimum and you can find that in the live view settings overall though stick up cam is pretty cool and you can complete that ring of security with this camera or you can just use it by itself you don’t have to have any of their other products and i’m a big fan of the fact that it’s wireless as well there’s no need to fuss over cable strung up everywhere but there are power options available like these $49 solar panel if you need it but if you like to pick up stick up cam for yourself it’s available at ring .

com for 199 dollars and be sure to use my special link below if you want to save 50 bucks when purchasing a bundle including ring video doorbell stick up cam the solar panel and chime and you can find that ring . com forward slash dom Esposito but you know i’m all about that smart home stuff so let me know what you think about rings new stick up cam in the comments section below and if you enjoyed this video feel free to leave a thumbs up and subscribe for more videos like this in the future thanks again for watching everyone this is dom and i’ll catch you in the next video

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