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Home Automation Ideas for your Smart Home

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Super cool whoa what a drop oh my gosh this is insane holy cow home automation I actually feel like I’m really there guys hi Cynthia but my friends call me Cindy and we’re here with the home automation channel at Canada blooms at the National Home Show now I’m really excited because there is a whole lineup of amazing tech toys the latest for your smart home automation needs stay tuned because we’re going to be interviewing some of the latest and the greatest all right it’s Cynthia with a home automation channel and we are here at the best buy booze with sean anthony now this is exciting because we have the latest in smart home project thank you so much for being with us home automation okay amazing so what can you show us in this fabulous room that can be good for your smart home so right here we have the hunter douglas automated blinds these guys are both bottom-up and top-down or using control them from the app on your phone or your tablet and you can also set different scenes you can said I you have them go automatically up in the morning with the sunrise or get out and shut down with the sunset as well we also have the Philips hue smart lighting system on one moment now this works in conjunction with your app right yeah so it works at the power view app the creative one hunter douglas to give you the ultimate control over your blind home automation perfect and how much would something like those blinds go for well we have it on sale with a two-hundred-dollar rebate I think normally go for about two hundred dollars per the blinds and the app is free perfect all right let’s move on now to that light you were talking about okay so a bright idea here tell us more about it so this is one of my favorite pieces of smart technology because it gives the ultimate control of your lights without you having to need to switch right you do it all from your phone or your tablet so if you will get these beautiful bedside lamp shades to turn them off turn off yeah the water fly kind of makes it a little slow here you get to remind you can also choose different color scenes as well how many colors are there so there’s 16 million different color options all right so won’t be hard to find something that tickles everyone fans exactly we have scenes and for everything you make it look like the Sun sets of anak you make it look like the Arctic aurora light you know I can get a little mood lighting for those special you haven’t set up like on a timer or something like that if people wanted to switch it up yeah you can create your own schedule you also do is neat feature where you have it mimicked the sunrise when you wake up sunset when you go to sleep and if you’re on vacation you want it to look like the lights are all you can control it from across the world as well yeah and definitely something for everyone so you can create a little romance or make it super bright you have a disco setting at all hi actually you can download third-party apps that let it syncs with your music and your movies way if you if you are watching home automation particular movie that you can have it program so it gives you the special effects just like in the theater there’s latest in home theater all right take us over to the next one all right Sean Anthony leading us into the Promised Land so here in our playroom art toys but one of the features of this room is the nano nano Lee what’s an an elite so these again are another set of smart lights but these are each individual panel it’s program that you can attach them to form different configuration oh so different and how many do you get us when the starter pack you get nine panels which you do have on sale here today can they go for so regular price is 299 and we have am on sale for 219 99 right on save and eighty dollars just like that okay amazing and so you can obviously get more and created like a major cluster take over your whole room if you wanted oh yeah I definitely keys up the opportunities are endless like it’s up to your imagination on the common inspectors inspection expansion fact they give you like three more leaves for expansion packs and there’s a new version coming out of that allows it to go with your music as well yeah very nice wow that’s a great idea I like that how many of these things do you have in your home haha too many oh and that also works with the app oh yeah that works with the Nano VPAP as well which you have on earth so actually with this one you can create different color scenes you can control the speed you control the brightness all done automatically through your abs and this app is free as well oh yeah this app suite at the App Store or Google Play so for example let’s say want to do the candy gram I just hope the app you can choose the speed in the brightness and voila giving me the ultimate control again it’s up to your imagination the opportunities are endless yeah another feature we have in the playroom to is the mural this is actually a favorite show case where this pretty much transforms your home into an art gallery Wow you can also get information famous paintings discesa and you’re controlling it just by motion all you do is a virtual cube they just wave right through and it changes the picture Ocean Center Monet on top of that tube is also a nap okay there’s always an eel who download your own pictures as well okay so if you have artists in the house you can showcase their stuff oh yeah definitely so here you have the Vinci collection so there’s no cost for the Sapphire the app is free the frame home automation itself is on the market yet but when it does get released this version is going to be 550 and then you can get another version which has a wood trim for 650 and when is this planning to be relieved I within the next few weeks I best fight I see it all right best buy dot CA you got to check it out all right let’s go on to the next one oh all right you are media room the latest television is about to hit the market this is a cue led so what makes the cue led so special it’s although the processing house how the back screen is lit up so this is the latest in like back lighting technology so you have hua hua Yue HD su HD and now this is the next step which is Q LED and are you able to use this in conjunction with like Google home or Amazon Alexa oh yeah you can use with voice commands as a smart TV so you can also have your Netflix or YouTube all automated on the TV you don’t need any extra devices it’s all on your TV right we also have it connected to our Bluetooth speakers that’s also from Samsung and it’s all wireless so you have the front soundbar you have the subwoofer you have the two back speakers again all connected wirelessly through bluetooth amazing the latest and the greatest it makes me want to watch TV again if I got fired good time maybe I’ll spend some time in this media room afterwards what do you think yeah well with this TV you might not leave yeah I think so all I missing it’s a popcorn all right let’s move on to the next room thank you son Anthony amazing it seems like we’re heading into a high-traffic area here okay why don’t we on here here we have the samsung smart fridge one of the best features of this is that you can actually view inside of your fridge and you can also stream it to to your phone so see what a gross you sure you’re not sure if you have eggs or milk now you can check it live now if you don’t have your you’re not at home you can check this from your phones all key be done on the Samsung home app right on your phone right how it works is in this panel there are three cameras so once you something shut the fridge in about 56 seconds it updates the image shut the front door but wait there’s more yeah you can also set different labels that let you know when the food expired as well and have the thing you set up yourself oh yeah definitely cuz you don’t want to I don’t like week right I cook alive but sometimes you have a long work for me so now your fridge will remind you when something’s about to expire or when you’ve run out of something so you can go to grocery store pick it up that’s just a few of the many features you can no longer you need like to stick pictures to the panel you can now have a live slideshow if you put the whole family portrait you can also mirror your TV so if you’re watching the game or you’re watching an episode of Game of Thrones now you have to worry about missing a moment it’s married a TV on the fridge currently the latest encourage technology some food for thought here folks sean anthony is it just me or is it a little hot in here can we do something about that oh we can definitely something about that with the next smart thermostat so this thermostat is very easy to install and condos apartments or even your home and then once you install it and activate it begins to learn your home so learns the size of your home and learns how long it takes to heat it up I wanna taste to cool it down as well as your schedule right ultimately saving you in time and home automation energy right once you learn how your schedule is in your home is it starts effectively heating your home so much so that Enbridge is offering a hundred dollar incentive to get people to start binding so we can cut back on the wit energy waste oh it’s eco-friendly and friendly for you the lazy one like myself who doesn’t want to set things so this is actually going to do the thinking for me oh yeah definitely easy to like I just let her know when you’re coming home when you’re leaving and it’ll take it over from there you can actually set up a routine with us you say schedule there you go now all the home stuff is doing all the thinking for you so this is perfect for someone like myself it also it also works in collaboration with the nest smart carbon monoxide and smoke detection we ever like burnt popcorn or burn something small but it makes it sounds like you’re bringing down the house now what it is is determine whether it’s a a small fire alarm or like a huge fire alarm so if you’re burning your popcorn you just let you know subtly either to your phone or gives out a subtle alarm versus like if it’s a major fire that’s when the real alarm comes out but it does that difference right you don’t have to worry about burning something small and then waking up the neighborhood perfect for the accident prone people out there you know who you are and you heard it here first this is where you want to be alright thanks again shot Anthony amazing so I want a smart home be without a video doorbell okay so take us through this John Anthony this is what called the ring yes so here is the lord of the ring right here now he’s going to talk us through this so this is our smart home security system the ring so what it does is not just a fancy futuristic-looking doorbell it actually gives you live camera feed so once you bring the doorbells that Apple alert you that’s there’s motion at your front door and look who it is okay just lay up so it alerts your phone so early and your tablet so you don’t even have to be at the front door you can actually answer it through voice commands as well okay so you can so they can talk to you can you talk to them yeah definitely it’s a two-way communication you can do that right from your smart device oh yeah actually when you get it wait for it wait for it buffering now we are in a very trafficky zone right now as a lot of concrete here so the Wi-Fi is a bit dodgy but ideally in an ideal home where you have Wi-Fi capability this is something that would be working okay so we have it up and running now so if I it’s hard to hear right now but you can help ya guys here what’s it like you can actually hear the communication so what’s up talking on the tablet you talk communicate through my phone it will let them know through the intercom in the doorbell and there you have it so you can do everything right from the palm of your hand you also record live footage so you had 24 hours surveillance if there’s motion detection so someone like just runs across or an animal runs across your phone will alert you that is motion in front of your front door or your back door as well so it’s a great safety feature for people that are concerned about a new Lane a smart way to protect yourself and your family I’ll ring that Bell and there it is alright ok so we are here now at the oculus rift booth at best buy with Zach all right Zach thank you for being on a show today another problem alright awesome so you are holding this bad boy now what can you tell me about it well this is the oculus rift and it is a VR headset so VR is virtual reality and essentially what it is is it gives it allows you to play video games in the virtual world essentially it pretty much insults your senses and actually makes feels like you’re actually there alright cool and what kind of template of you have got on there today for us right now we actually have a roller coaster simulator so the next best thing actually being on one write amazing I’m excited ok so I’m going to try this out now what can you tell me about the resolution in terms of your eyes well essentially the yucca suresh’s there’s two screens actually in one for each eye and it is actually both they’re both 1080 so you’re getting quite high resolution home automation for it within the pad set and how does it power up I was actually all run right through our PC we have here quite a powerful PC it’s able to play most high demanding graphical games ok so this works in conjunction with your video game does it work with regular TV at all or I do not believe so no unfortunately it main use is mainly video games and that’s definitely what you want that’s the break dance absolutely pro you gamers out there holy moly right okay so how much would something like this retail for usually roughly in the 800 mark just for the headset is alone and then of course you definitely have to be able to have a powerful enough PC to be able to run it though that can range and that’s a whole never topic um but our promo here is going for roughly about 679 679 down from like I said roughly about a hundred dollars okay amazing alright instant savings okay hook me up here Zach oh my gosh I’m excited look at that whoa trippy oh my goodness I feel like I’m there guys oh my gosh yes I’m on the tracks oh my gosh we’re so cool and everywhere I turned my head I can see behind me I can see in front of me Wow oh it’s so real I feel like I could touch it oh my god we’re getting faster guys this is exciting for you as it is for me probably not you probably think I’m a bit of a cheesehead wow there’s something behind home automation either oh my goodness what super cool wow what a drop oh my gosh this is insane rue voltaire I actually feel like well I’m really there guys this is insane oh yeah I feel like that’s the hold on Wow one back this is crazy unbelievable oh my gosh it’s dark it’s dark it’s scary whoa whoa whoa oh my goodness it has been sane absolutely insane oh wow awesome yeah guys if you have the means i highly recommend it this is the next level of gamer ship whoo I made it amazing hair day don’t see does it oh thank you back you’re very welcome well there it is you saw it here first you really got to try it out i highly recommend it it’s the next level I’ve never experienced anything like that it sure beats you know the ones where you put your phone in the Google Goggles totally different experience all right thank you all right so that it concludes our fabulous fun filled day here at the National Home Show home automation I hope you enjoyed yourself I sure know that I did and for all of our viewers out there make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel follow us on Instagram like us on Facebook and the like now they have everything here including oh my gosh Elvis is leaving the building you

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