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Insteon Keypadlinc 6-Button Dimmer Switch Installation – Home Automation Lighting System

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Today I’m going to replace an existing wall switch with an Insteon Keypadlinc 6 button dimmer. This dimmer can handle 600 watts and can be controlled with a smart phone or through X10 powerline commands. Upon opening the box, I get this message letting me know that I made a good choice on my purchase. Inside the box there’s the switch itself and the instruction manual. It also comes with a package of wire nuts. In this installation, I’m actually replacing an old Keypadlinc that is no longer working. I’ve had this unit for quite awhile and it’s finally died. I just shut the electricity off and I’ll start prying off the decorative faceplace on the switch. Now I need to remove the backplate. Just keep in mind that your wall plate may be different than mine. Now I’ll loosen the screws that hold the switch in the wall box. Now pull the old light switch out carefully. Before I disconnect the wire nuts, I’m going to make sure the power is off to this switch.

It’s definitely off so I’ll start undoing the wires. Just make some notes about the wire connections first so you can remember which color goes with what wire on the switch. So here are my 2 switches side by side. The old Keypadlinc is on the left and the new one is on the right. The new switch is actually slightly thinner than the old one which might make stuffing the wires back into the box a little easier. Now I can start wiring the new switch in reverse order. Once all the connections are done, I’ll stuff all the wires back into the box along with the switch. Now I’ll secure the Keypadlinc to the wall box. After the backplate goes back on over the switch I’ll flip on the power and the off switch should light up. And now the new Keypadlinc is ready to use. The fade rate is set to a short duration right out of the box but that can be programmed later with an X10 controller or through a mobile app along with an Insteon Hub.

But I’ll save that for another video. I’ve been really happy with the Keypadlinc dimmers which is why I bought another one to replace my old one. Now the only thing I need to do is reconfigure this to work with my remote control. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and please subscribe to my channel for more how to and gadget review videos..

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