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Mud Baths at Your Home Spa- the Pros and Cons

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“If you truly love Nature,

you will find beauty everywhere”

-Vincent Van Gogh

Mud baths are natural items you can use at your home spa.

You are a spa goer and appreciate mud baths at health spas, elegance spas, day spas etc .
Or you are a home spa bather and know something about beneficial properties associated with mud baths.
One day a person decided (or will decide) to test mud baths at your home hot tub.

While surfing the Internet you will find a lot of mud baths offered by numerous companies (Moor mud, Dead Sea mud, sea mud etc). But how to choose which one is more suitable and more beneficial for you?

Peloids (mud) history.

Peloids (mud ) remedies and their remarkable revitalizing results have been known for many centuries and have been successfully used in spas, accommodations, clinics all over the world being a natural, effective therapeutic tool.
Scientific researches have proved the healing properties of peloids for many balneological (water therapy) treatments in dermatology and rheumatology and for elegance purposes in cosmetology. Natural natural ingredients of peloids benefit the body and the skin simply by detoxifying, hormonal-like, anti-inflammatory, anti-bactericidal and bioenergy potency, balancing and harmonizing properties.

There are three major types of peloids in the planet.

Saltwater peloids (mud) have higher mineral content. Being rich in nutrients saltwater peloids are beneficial for the body and skin due to re-mineralizing and nourishing properties.

And you can find two types of organic muds along with high organic content: Sapropel and Moor muds.
Imagine a material (enriched with minerals, phyto-hormones, proteins, enzymes, biostimulators, vitamins) created by Nature for thousands of years with the power to stability, nourish, revitalize!
Both of muds – Sapropel and Moor happen to be successfully used in clinical and elegance industry for hundreds of years.

But there are also a few PROS of mud baths…
Is original mud bathing a good choice for your home spa?
Yes and No…
Yes, because dirt baths have a lot of beneficial elements for your body and skin.

No, just because a solid phase of muds stays many beneficial components hardly letting them penetrate the skin during showering.

That is why for proper treatment processes European spa professionals can use as much as 16 kg ( 35 pounds) of original peloids per therapy bath.

Real original peloids include many water INSOLUBLE substances which could also PLUG a bathing program so only special facilities bring peloids procedures.

So first of all, dirt should be prepared for proper showering.

Prepared mud (extracted, filtered, prepared, refined) is a better choice regarding bathing. Scientists have been researching a number of00 mud extraction to provide main natural substances, increase a bathing performance and avoid these problems.

Today you can buy several types of peloid (mud) components and add a cup for home showering. These baths are less or even more water-soluble and contain less or even more organic and mineral substances, based on types of extraction and types of dirt. The more substances extracted through mud are, the more complicated and expensive the extraction process will be and the more beneficial this particular extract and this mud showering is for you.

Have a good and smart Home Spa bath!

Oleg Moskvine

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