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Next Generation Smart Home Automation vs Amazon Echo, Google Home #DIY LAB

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Hello guys so my name is G SANTAMANYU I have come up with a new project i.e SMART HOME AUTOMATION so recently i have completed this project so i am very much excited to share with u all guys so this video is for only demostration purpose and very soon i will make another video about detail tutorial that how i have made this project and all my circuit diagrams and codes that i have used in this project so lets get started how this project works so as you can see i have used NODEMCU wifi module and a 12V DC SOURCE and a 5V DC SOURCE and a 8 channel relay and a PIR sensor right now 1 of my LED bulb is on thats because of PIR sensor right now i will go outside and wait for 15 second and as i enter it wll turn on this LED bulb ON SO LETS GET STARTED HOW THIS PROJECT WORKS.

so as u can see whenever it detects a motion in this room it automatically turns on this LED bulb ON. SO I have made an HTML code for an wab page that is uploaded to this esp8266 so as i have told we have an esp8266 so it has an IP address so we will enter this IP address in our browser and try to control the appliances that are connected to this project. so i am entering the IP address of NODEMCU HERE IS THE IP address. u can see here is the HTML Page that i have uploaded in esp 8266 1st we wil turn ON our TUBE LIGHT TUBE LIGHT ON. as u can see the tube light is on in this way we can control our fan also so here it goes our fan this is the speed 1 which is lower speed and this is the 2nd speed with a more speed and this is speed 3 and speed 4 this is thefull speed of fan so as u can see we controlld our tube light and fan and speed also so i have made an android app.

so what is the exta featue of this android app. is u can control all these appliance through voice also what ever i emonstrated till now all the things can be done with the voice recognition method. so here is mine android app. so here is the tab buttons so u can physically control it through ur finger or u can control through voice recognition method also so let’s switch ON our tube light once again so here is the button TUBE LIGHT ON SO U CAN TAP ON THIS ICON OR IT HAS AN FEATURE OF Accelerometer sensor so u can rotate ur phone like this so it will pop up a screen of mike TUBE LIGHT OFF thats simple so lets go out side to control some other light also befor that i am switching off my fan so as u can see i have used a GIF image click the image to stop the fan here it goes the FAN is switched off so lets go out side so right now we wll turn on this out side bulb OUT DOOR BULB ON BATH ROOM ON as u can see there is a bulb BATH ROOM OFF OUT DOOR BULB OFF Thats all guys thanks for watching my video if u really like my video pls do hit like button if u have any suggestion to my video pls do comment in the comment section below.

and yes please do SUBSCRIBE to my channel because i am going to make this tutorial abt how i have made this project and the ckt and the codes that i have used and pls do subscribe to my channel for latest update till then “STAY CREATIVE AND BE INNOVATIVE”.

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