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Smart Home Kitchen Appliances: LG Refrigerators & Ranges

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Hey guys, you won’t believe some of the new innovations in kitchen appliances. In fact, I had to go out to CES just to see them for myself. OK, so we have smart phones and smart TVs, smart cars, why not smart appliances? Our smart appliances now incorporate natural language processing technology allowing users to instant message their appliances. It sounds futuristic, I know, but the applications are really useful. Smart refrigerators will change the way you take inventory. These refrigerators sync up with your smartphone so you can keep an active tab on what’s in stock and when it expires. Where users can send a quick text to see what they need or don’t need while they’re in the grocery store. You can also monitor your food on the refrigerators large touchscreen.

Smart ranges will make meal time a lot easier. It can tell what ingredients are needed for a particular recipe. And when you’ve picked the recipe, the oven can be remotely preheated to the correct temperature. You can also check the oven’s status on your smartphone and make sure you turned it off when you’ve left the house. OK, so maybe some of these features are ahead of their time, but you can already imagine our lives being more efficient and safer starting in the kitchen. This has been Sean. Had a great day..

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