What You Must Know About Your Home Automation System

Gone are the days when everything desired a manual organization. From car parking to temperature regulation everything has been dependent on us, but now the situation is completely different. Things have long gone tech-savvy now. With homes getting fully automated, the need for physical labour has read more

Next Generation Smart Home Automation vs Amazon Echo, Google Home #DIY LAB

Hello guys so my name is G SANTAMANYU I have come up with a new project i.e SMART HOME AUTOMATION so recently i have completed this project so i am very much excited to share with u all guys so this video is for only demostration purpose and very soon i will make another video about detail tutorial read more

Simple Voice Controlled Home Automation

When I was little I always dreamt of living in the home of the future where everything was automated and voice controlled. Though the home of the future is becoming more and more of a reality the cost of having such a smart home can be very pricey. And, frankly, I think I can do it myself much cheaper. read more