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Insteon Keypadlinc 6-Button Dimmer Switch Installation – Home Automation Lighting System

Today I’m going to replace an existing wall switch with an Insteon Keypadlinc 6 button dimmer. This dimmer can handle 600 watts and can be controlled with a smart phone or through X10 powerline commands. Upon opening the box, I get this message letting me know that I made a good choice on my read more

What Is Home Automation? How It Works?

What is Home Automation? How it works? home automation is it convenient way to go rollin monitored and day-to-day devices and appliances we use at home these include home lighting air conditioning home heating the lines and curtains garage doors security cameras motion sensors energy control units read more

Home Automation | Under 2 minutes – Everything needed in your Smart Home

welcome to smart home automation systems under two minutes we’re going to be able to show you everything you can automate within your home automation starting with your smart controller you can connect your light switches and dimmers in wall outlet plug in outlet and plug in dinner home automation read more

A SMART TABLE for Your Smart Home from Panasonic at CES 2017

– Here at Panasonic’s Future Tech Lab, taking a look at the smart table of the future. Check this out. This table can sync with your smart phone. Your text messages will show up right on the table for you to interact with. You can take video calls, and you can even manage and interact read more