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Insteon Keypadlinc 6-Button Dimmer Switch Installation – Home Automation Lighting System

Today I’m going to replace an existing wall switch with an Insteon Keypadlinc 6 button dimmer. This dimmer can handle 600 watts and can be controlled with a smart phone or through X10 powerline commands. Upon opening the box, I get this message letting me know that I made a good choice on my read more

Home Automation Guide 2017 – Part 2 – Z-Wave Tutorial, SmartThings, Harmony, Echo, Google Home

What’s up guys. It’s Chris Majestic here with Majestechs and this is going to be Part 2 of the Home Automation Series So I did mention a few hubs in Part 1 but I want to go into a little more detail about those hubs now. So as I said in the first video, I normally recommend SmartThings read more