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Ultimate Smart Home: Episode 1

Tech is everywhere these days but our homes are surprisingly old school. I think it’s about time to do something about that. Welcome to the Ultimate Smart Home. This is a project I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, there’s just so much cool home tech out there. First is the Nest smart thermostat. read more

Top 3 Smart Home Tech Under $200!

Top 3 Smart Home Tech Under $200! Hey what’s up guys Keaton here so I’ve been pretty big into smart home tech as of late. I’ve picked up some pretty cool stuff so lets get started. So if you guys want to check out any of the products mentioned in this video, I’ll leave links read more

Home Automation Guide 2017 – Part 2 – Z-Wave Tutorial, SmartThings, Harmony, Echo, Google Home

What’s up guys. It’s Chris Majestic here with Majestechs and this is going to be Part 2 of the Home Automation Series So I did mention a few hubs in Part 1 but I want to go into a little more detail about those hubs now. So as I said in the first video, I normally recommend SmartThings read more