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Epic Smart Home Tech v1.0

What’s going on everyone this is dom and today we’re talking about smart home tech and security and specifically taking a look at the new ring stick up cam and how to extend the ecosystem connected a ring video doorbell that I covered a while back so be sure to click the link below if read more

A SMART TABLE for Your Smart Home from Panasonic at CES 2017

– Here at Panasonic’s Future Tech Lab, taking a look at the smart table of the future. Check this out. This table can sync with your smart phone. Your text messages will show up right on the table for you to interact with. You can take video calls, and you can even manage and interact read more

Smart Home On A Budget (5 Cool Products)

Hey guys welcome back to the channel! Today I have a video on smart homes Smart homes are starting to get really, really popular… but the main thing is, is they’re way to expensive! I’m talking to you guys on a budget out there! so today I have a video show casing 5 items I found read more