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Top 3 Smart Home Tech Under $200!

Posted on February 3, 2017 By

Top 3 Smart Home Tech Under $200! Hey what’s up guys Keaton here so I’ve been pretty big into smart home tech as of late. I’ve picked up some pretty cool stuff so lets get started. So if you guys want to check out any of the products mentioned in this video, I’ll leave links to them in the description below. But the first thing that I picked up was the Ring. So the Ring is a smart home doorbell. That kinda makes sense because you ring your doorbell or I mean at least I hope that’s what you’re doing. Please treat your doorbells with respect, but it is a smart doorbell that has a camera on there. So it allows you to see who’s at your door pretty much anywhere in the world and that’s like really handy for me.

So installation didn’t take too long. If you have a Dad, my Dad is super handy with this stuff; so thank you Dad for helping me. It took us around 20 to 30 minutes which wasn’t too bad and everything’s really included..

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Smart blinds automation kit …

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