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Xiaomi XiaoFang Review

Posted on August 11, 2017 By

Have a person ever heard of the fresh product, Xiaomi XiaoFang? This is a smart WiFi IP camera, which mainly features 1080P Full HD video, enhanced 9m night time vision, and mobile sound recognition. What’s more, it supports varied applications. And now, let’s examine it in detail.

Design and Performance

This smart camera appears like a dice with a side length of 5cm. And it weighs only 100g, small and portable. It supports the particular memory card of up to 64GB and is driven by 5V / 1A power.

As for the lens, with the use of the 1/2. 7 inch CMOS messf¨¹hler, it provides 1920×1080 full HD quality, supports up to 8 times electronic zoom and distortion correction protocol. And it adopts night eyesight enhancement technology, F/2. 0 eye lens with IR-CUT automatic double filters, and infrared LED consistent fill light so that the maximum visible distance is up to 9m.

More fascinating is that the magnetic base can be adsorbed on the metal surface so that the 2 XiaoFang cameras can be combined with the magnetic absorption, automatically composing the particular 180° wide-angle screen. For safety, it takes the approach of a mixture of RSA encryption, https encryption, plus Xiaomi Mi Cloud data encryption.


  • 360° view
  • 1080p video shooting
  • Supporting an 8x digital Magic Zoom
  • IR-CUT automated double filter
  • Supporting Night Vision, max 9 meters
  • Using together with your phone App


In a sense, XiaoFang breaks the definition boundaries of an intelligent camera. For instance, it facilitates connecting to the mobile power as well as the mobile phone directly. And the data transmitting is smoother when the included killer spot has been connecting to the phone within the non-network scene. What’s more, this particular camera can be an automobile recorder. It not only supports delay photography, smart mobile detection, sound monitoring but additionally can identify the smoke/CO security alarm special alarm sound. Once the particular suspicious circumstances happened, it would report the video automatically, and push security alarm notifications rapidly.


As we can see, the particular camera will take on the role info sensor in the future wave of house intelligentization. The XiaoFang camera just supports the Mi home APPLICATION. In the future, Xiaomi XiaoFang may play a big role in the smart house system, as the auxiliary equipment with regard to other smart devices. By gathering and recognizing the sound and picture in the home, this camera would provide the particular datum foundation of the whole wise home system. (

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